Friendship Force of Northern Illinois


Where are we?

Most of our members live in Chicago or the Chicago suburbs. We cover a large area of northeastern Illinois.


Where do we meet?

Many of our meetings are in Libertyville, but we also meet in other parts of the Chicago area.


How many members do we have?

Currently there are approximately 50 members. About half of them are couples, and the rest are single.


What kind of meetings and events do we have?

We have General Meetings several times a year. They usually include a program that relates to our exchanges or other inter-cultural interests, and may include a snack or a meal. We always have a picnic in the summer, and a dinner-party in the fall or winter. Guests are always welcome at our meetings.

In the alternate months, we have LEO’s (Let’s Eat Out), which are held in restaurants or members’ homes, generally with an international theme. There may be an associated visit to a museum, exhibit, or other event of interest.

We have held International Food Festivals, which were fund-raisers and brought members and guests to a sumptuous dinner of dishes from around the world.


What about exchanges with other clubs?

We have a very active exchange program, both foreign and domestic.

In 2014, we traveled to Santiago and La Serena, Chile.  We hosted the Friendship Force of Hiroshima, Japan, and a global exchange on the theme of Arts and Architecture.

In 2015, we visited Big Canoe, Georgia, USA, and Limburg, Belgium.  We hosted the new Friendship Force club of Ulan Ude, Russia.

Plans for 2016 include a domestic outgoing exchange to our neighbors in Western Michigan, and incoming exchanges from Western North Carolina, USA and Winnipeg, Canada.  We will also host a global exchange related to the Chicago International Film Festival.


How can I participate?

All members are encouraged to attend the General Meetings and LEO’s, as your schedule permits. No one is required to participate in the outgoing exchanges, but most members enjoy traveling and wish to join some of them. When we have incoming exchanges, we need home hosts, day hosts, and dinner hosts – all of whom have the opportunity to meet and learn from our guests.

As with any organization, there are committees and leadership positions – we always appreciate volunteers!


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