Outgoing Exchanges

Outgoing Exchange for 2017


We have two very interesting and exciting exchanges planned for 2017: one domestic, and one foreign.  Check here for updates as plans are developed.

Dayton, Ohio
April 23-28, 2017
Diana Sanders, EDOhio Flag

We've heard many good things about Friendship Force of Dayton, so we are eager to visit them. Dayton is known as the birthplace of aviation, and there are many flight-related sites there, both historic and current.



Kampala, Uganda
October 26-November 3, 2017
Dave and Pat Meyer, ED'suganda flag

We are so excited to be traveling to Uganda!  This is a country with a rich, although troubled history.  Situated on the equator, it has both tropical rainforests and snowy mountains, along with a beautiful lakeshore along Lake Victoria.  The culture includes both African family and tribal traditions, as well as modern institutions. 

Mispah (Cape Town), South Africa
November 3-10, 2017
Dave and Pat Meyer, ED'sSouth Africa flag

Our African adventure continues with a visit to the southern tip of the continent - Cape Town is situated on the Cape of Good Hope, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet.  We expect to see how modern South Africa integrates into the global economy and culture, while retaining its own unique multicultural heritage.

There will be an optional 3 or 4-day safari at the end of the exchange.